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The Balinese Subak is losing up an average of 100 hectares of land per year due to outside investment, generational interests, and the economics of farming. Troveko is an early-stage travel venture that funds ecological and cultural conservation initiatives in rural and remote communities by providing immersive, educational homestays for travelers. Following a successful July pilot in Penebel, Bali, this event is a Think Tank to collect perspectives, answers, and insights that will help optimize the process for travelers from start to finish. 

What People Will Learn:
•The history and present situation of the very important Balinese Subak, dating back to the 9th century
•Impact (the good, the bad, and the ugly) that we can have as foreigners living and traveling through places like Bali
•The process of testing and validating new markets and business models with minimal resources
•A chance to contribute insights, expertise, and experience to improve Troveko’s model

Long Description:
Currently incubated by the Singapore International Foundation, Troveko is running programs in Bali, Indonesia and Maharashstra, India as the beginning of a platform to serve rural and remote communities across other geographies. Troveko was founded with the belief that voluntourism shouldn’t be the only way to drive impact while traveling, and that we can use exciting nature and cultural adventures as a means to directly invest in and fund solutions that matter. With 46% of the world’s population living in rural communities combined with it getting increasingly difficult to make sustainable forms of income through artisanship and agriculture, the team was compelled to leverage the curiosity of travelers to address this. This Think Tank as a chance to share our experience, hear your experience and views as adventurers, and collectively address some key questions as we move into Phase 2 of our social venture. 

About the speaker:
Elijah Johnston is New Yorker who has spent the last few years working across the US and Asia helping private equity firms, corporations, and startups future-proof their investment and innovation strategies. His driving force is linking foresight-driven business with social and environmental impact, and on the impact side of things, his experience spans from starting a social enterprise incubator for college students in the US to running a program educating youth about environmental responsibility in China to helping house helpers in Singapore write a plan and launch an enterprise in their home countries. Having been in more than 25 countries and living in 4 over the past 4 years, he has developed a keen passion for exploring how travel can be leveraged to empower at-risk communities and in April 2017, a mere idea and plan for what is now Troveko was accepted into the Young Social Entrepreneurs Incubator Programme in Singapore. The program runs until November when it will pitch for funding from the Singapore International Foundation. 

Troveko: Troveko.com 
Driving Tomorrow’s Trends: http://www.skidmore.edu/news/2016/1020-own-brilliance.php
Fostering social innovation and hackathons for social impact:http://amranaidoo.com/doing-good-podcast/elijahjohnston-hackathon-social-impact-innovation 

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