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We host hundreds of curated events each year at Dojo, located in Canggu Bali. These can be roughly put into four different categories: Inspirational, Knowledge, Cogiving and Networking. See the events below or like our facebook page to get up-to-date information about our events in your news feed. We have a strict ‘no sell’ policy for all events, so that we can deliver high value talks, workshops & networking events to our community.


Life is more fun when you turn strings into beautiful things!

Do you know that knitting and crocheting are the new Yoga?

But, you’re too young to crochet? Often times, we assume that crocheting and knitting are grandmothers’ hobbies, but nowadays, crochet has become the new hobby that hooked the younger generations! Not only does it bring comfort to your mind, but it also increases your creativity and keeps your body healthy as small repetitive movements involved can keep your hands, arms and fingers supple. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of crochet from the founder of Volen Artspace, Esmeralda Kustari. The workshop will include 2 bundles of yarn, 1 crochet needle, and an instruction book for you. No previous experience is required, we are here to create beautiful things together.


– Trial and error is how we grow
– 3 techniques with needle crochet ( Chain, single crochet, double crochet)
– How to mix the yarn?
– How to do slip stitch for every end of the yarn?

##Event Registration Instructions:##

This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. Cost: 350K/pax. Register fast! Limited to 15 people only!

Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia and find yourself communicating with locals in no time in this fun engaging and interactive class! Bahasa Bule is an Indonesian, English, and Balinese Language School based in Bali; They will help you speak comfortably, connect easily and deepen your relationships with Indonesian people, using science-based teaching methods to help you learn quickly and effectively!


3 months program:

July (11th & 25th)
Week 2: Greetings & Small talk in Indonesian
Week 4: How to order food

August (8th & 22nd)
Week 2: How to bargain & Market situation
Week 4: Numbers in Indonesian

September (12th & 26th)
Week 2: Getting to know a new person
Week 4: Daily Routine

### Event Registration Instructions ###
Register at Dojo front desk or send an email at rsvp@dojobali.org.

Register fast! 10 spots per class only!!!

DROP IN: IDR 75K for Dojo Members and IDR 90K for non-Members.
PACKAGE: 400K/6 classes for Dojo Members

Please pay at Front Desk on arrival.

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Pitch Yourself in 2 Minutes!

One Step Closer to Collaboration!

Are you looking for someone to collaborate with, but not sure how to start and approach?
Join our Pitch Yourself event where you can introduce yourself and your background to fellow coworkers at Dojo. Every participant is given 2 minutes of time to share and by the end of the presentation, members can connect deeper and initiate collaboration.

Public speaking
-New collaboration
-Who are your fellow coworking members
-What are they working on
-What skills, passions and interests they have
-How can they add value to each other’s business or network

Location: Dojo Bali, Big Meeting Room

## Event Registration Instructions ##
Free and Open to Dojo Members Only. Register at Front Desk, 15 spots only!

So who’s joining?

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Movie Night and Discussion

Dojo presents: Movie Night and Discussion – Space Exploration

Join us on Thursday for a movie night special at Dojo! On our selection this week, are three outer space exploration movies with a sprinkle of action and mystery! We will play the movie that received the most votes from members and follow it with a short discussion. Join us as we explore the space!

Grab a seat, lean back & enjoy the show!

*Movie Selection:

*WHAT WILL PEOPLE LEARN?: New networks and help members gain new insight and understanding.

##Event Registration Instructions##

This is a FREE event, open to Dojo Members only. Please register at Dojo Front Desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org.

Sign up fast! 

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Build Your Confidence in Public Speaking

Dare to Speak Up!

Fear of public speaking is surprisingly common. In this interactive skill share session, Sheila will be sharing her perspectives on how to overcome these fears, learn to enjoy, and be better at public speaking. Sheila’s experiences and tips will come in handy for everyone who wants to speak with confidence in public and improve their communication skills.

• The importance of public speaking
• Overcoming fear
• Building confidence
• Sheila’s journey in public speaking

Sheila Damota is a mentor and a passionate, experienced speaker. She has joined and won a number of competitions such as poem reading, oration speech, MC, and debate. Occasionally joining programs to improve her communication skills, she loves teaching and sharing her skills and knowledge to the public. Her working experiences as a customer support and liaison officer have also further helped her master the art of public speaking.


##Event Registration Instructions:##
This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. FREE. Register fast! 15 spots only!
Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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Lady Boss: How to build a billion dollar company

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company

For this lady boss event, Helen will share her journey from homeless to Harvard, then how she joined Lucid Motors as its first marketing lead and helped scale the company from being in the red to raising $200M dollars. She’ll share the unfiltered story of what it takes to scale a tiny little shoebox office company to what is now worth over $89 billion dollars. She’ll share her unfiltered perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, failures and successes along the way, and what it really takes to turn your dreams into a reality.

• How to be an effective storyteller
• How to build your own network
• How to think from first principles in achieving any goal in life

Helen is a social psychologist, entrepreneur, and community builder. She is a world-class expert on psychological safety, and has previously taught entrepreneurship at Stanford, communication at Facebook, and storytelling for TedX conferences. She formerly led marketing at Lucid Motors, which went public in 2021 and received a $89B valuation. Helen received her degree in psychology and dramatic arts from Harvard University.


##Event Registration Instructions:##

This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. FREE. Register fast!

Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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Speed Networking is back at Dojo!

Get to know Dojo members in a round of 3 minutes mini-dates + FREE BEER!

This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow coworkers of the Dojo family, connect in a fun and informal manner and build your network! Once the ice is broken, who knows where this will lead?! Up to you to mingle and further deepen the conversation afterwards!

## Event Registration Instructions ##

Free and Open to Dojo Members Only. Register at Front Desk, 16 spots only!

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Events Last Year

Events have been the backbone of the Dojo Community since Dojo first opened its doors. Our events are well-curated and cover a wide range of topics: there’s always something to learn & share. It’s a fantastic tool to expand your skillset & network with like-minded people!

Antria Pansy

Events Coordinator, Dojo Bali

Quick FAQ’s

Do I have to register for an Event?
Yes you have to register via email, or via front desk at Dojo. Please follow the instructions in the event details to confirm your place.
Do I have to be a member to come to an Event?
It depends on the event, you need to read the event description, we categories events into Members Only or Public. You can also buy our event & social membership to access events.

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Would like to host your own event for our community, share your skills or knowledge?

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