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Inspiration, Knowledge & Networking

We hosts hundreds of curated events each year at Dojo, located in Canggu Bali. These can be roughly put into four different categories; Inspirational, Knowledge, Cogiving and Networking, see the events below or like us on facebook to get up-to-date events in your news feed. We have a strickly no sell policy on all events so that we can deliver the community high value talks, workshops & networking events.


Speed Networking is back at Dojo!

Get to know Dojo members in a round of 3 minutes mini-dates! This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow coworkers of the Dojo family, connect in a fun and informal manner and build your network! Once the ice is broken, who knows where this will lead?! Up to you to mingle and further deepen the conversation afterwards!

## Event Registration Instructions ##

Free and Open to Dojo Members Only. Register at Front Desk, 16 spots only!

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Natural Face & Body Care Workshop

Learn how to create your own natural face and body care product with the founder of Kala Sunara!

Create your own natural face and body care product and you will get to bring home your own creation! In this 2-hour beauty class workshop, you will learn how to develop and formulate your personal skincare product from the founder of Kala Sunara, while connecting and meeting new friends. It is important to understand what ingredients go inside the skincare product that you are using everyday, whether they are effective and safe for a specified skin type.

– How to create face mask for sensitive skin
– How to create face mask for dry skin
– How to create face mask for normal skin
– How to create body scrub
– How to create body mask
– connect with each other and meet a new friends.

##Event Registration Instructions:##

This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. Cost: 350K/pax. Register fast! Limited to 8 people only!

Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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Lady Boss: Before 30 Edition

We are back with our Lady Boss event to celebrate amazing women who are building fantastic businesses in Bali! Lady Boss Before 30 Edition recognizes bright and young women entrepreneurs before the age of 30, whose success stories are inspirational have profound impact. Our first speaker is Viskania Anggrina who becomes one of the visionaries in the beauty product industry. Connect with her and get to know her life stories, struggles, and how she managed to sell more than 10,000 natural skincare products while working closely with the elderly women in Gianyar village!

• Develop Ideas
• Improve management skills
• Renewed motivation
• Learn the market of skincare and beauty products
• Women Empowerment

##Event Registration Instructions:##

This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. Free. Register fast! Limited to 30 people!

Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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How to start a café business in Bali?

Building your dream café the smart way!

It could be tricky for foreigners to start a café business in Bali, so this is where Yogo, an experienced consultant, comes in. He will be sharing some knowledges and a step-by-step procedures on how to open a café in Bali, including the Do’s and Don’ts in a more intimate setting limited to 16 members only. He will walk us through the architecture and business point of views, and sharing actual instances where dreams café could turn into a nightmare if we are not careful enough. 

-smart and careful in making decisions when starting a café business in Bali
– the Do’s and Don’ts
-skills and steps on how to open a café in Bali

##Event Registration Instructions##

This is a FREE event, open to Dojo Members only. Please register at Dojo Front Desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org. Sign up fast! Limited to 16 people.

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Easy Yoga Routine for your Whole Body

You don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

Being healthy and strong or being sick and weak is a choice. Lifestyle that incorporates exercise and good nutrition are possible for everybody despite limitations in time, physical condition or budget. In this one-hour yoga session, you will be guided through basic beginner yoga postures and some intermediate yoga poses by a certified instructor, Retno Utami.                       

-Here people will learn that to look good and feel good are achievable with minimum effort. What is needed is the right mindset and the discipline to do it.
-having good quality of life is achievable through yoga

##Event Registration Instructions##

This is a FREE event, open to Dojo Members only. Please register at Dojo Front Desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org. Sign up fast! Limited to 15 people.

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Happy Donut Day!

The best way to live life is Donut stress!

Celebrate Donut Day with your fellow members while feasting delicious, sweet Donuts!  

In celebration of Donut Day that falls on the first Friday of June each year, Dough Darling will be giving free donuts for the first 30 people! This will be a great opportunity for you to interact and stay connected with your fellow coworkers as food brings people together! 

 Members interact with each other, members stay connected, who are your fellow members, what are their interests and hobbies, what are they working on, what are their food preferences, and how you can add value on each other’s life.

##Event Registration Instructions##

This is a FREE event, open to Dojo Members only. Just show up: we got 30 yummy donuts (vegan and gluten free included), first come, first serve!

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Create your own Landing Page with Le Wagon

Le Wagon, the World’s Leading Coding School is back at Dojo!

In this exciting free workshop, you will learn how to create your own landing page to help boost your name or business and get a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to be used for any website development you’d like with Daniel Rodriguez.

Daniel Rodriguez is a teacher at Le Wagon, the World’s Leading Coding School offering Web Development and Data Science Bootcamps.

For this event you will need to bring your laptop or a notepad.

##Event Registration Instructions##

This is a FREE event, open to Dojo Members and the Public. Please register at Dojo Front Desk or rsvp at rsvp@dojobali.org. Sign up fast! Limited to 20 people.

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Pitch yourself to success in 1min30!

Learn the anatomy of a perfect pitch and the keys to hook your audience in 1 min 30!

Learning how to properly pitch is essential in business. In today’s hyper-competitive world and short attention span you only have a short time to grab an investor’s or a prospective client’s attention. In this interactive and entertaining event, you will learn how to build a captivating and impactful pitch and the keys to hook your audience to win business!

What you will learn:
-To design an impactful personal brand
-To grab your audience’s attention from the first sentences and what makes a great opener
-To add a little show in your business
-To make people want to know more and win business

About the speaker: 
Nysha Sageer
Originally from Paris, Nysha is a public speaker and Business Leadership coach who helps entrepreneurs and professionals improving their speech, confidence and leadership skills in order to get promoted, thrive in working relationships and scale their businesses.
She started her journey with theater improvisation and stand-ups, which led her to discover the power of self-expression. Today she would like to share her knowledge, positive energy and experience to help others succeeding in their businesses, with her method Pitch Impact.

*Instagram Username:*


## Event Registration Instructions ##

This event is Free and Open to Dojo members and the Public. Limited to 30 seats! Register fast!

RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org or sign up at Dojo Front Desk!

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Exclusive to DOJO, this month’s brings a fantastic new workshop to bridge the gap between who and where you currently are with who you want to be!

ALIGN is a self-assessment and self-development workshop which combines a series of tools and exercises in order to achieve personal and business growth. The objective of this workshop is to establish a personalized diagnosis of yourself, set of skills, interests, current environment, habits and output, and link it to what you want to achieve, so we can connect the dots and build together a concrete path and workable strategy to reach your goals!

*What you will learn*:
-To Make a personalized diagnosis of yourself and your current life path
-To Connect the dots and build a concrete strategy and workable solutions to reach your goals
-To Develop successful personal growth tools
-To Recognize & Create opportunities
-To Identify good habits that can move you forward and bad habits that hold you down

*About the speaker*
Hasina Mahary is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creative businesses and connecting dots between people. Originally from Madagascar, she grew up in Paris, where she studied Law, Arts and Corporate Communication, starting her career as a PR assistant for Gucci Perfumes and Make Up Forever, then as a Marketing assistant for a Flagship Parisian Department store, organising events. She then moved to the UK, to study for a Master’s Degree in Business Management, with a major in New Ventures Creations. That degree really sparked her passion for entrepreneurship and with an eye on Asia, she moved and started her first creative business in Singapore, founding & running a Womenswear label. But with city life no longer inspiring her, and yearning for a simpler, more meaningful lifestyle, she moved again, this time to Bali, where she really allowed herself to express her full creativity. Since then she has built places, ran a cafe and an art gallery, and she focuses now on developing her real estate, interior design and consulting business for spaces. She has learnt that in order to grow you have to adapt quickly to changes and create opportunities for yourself and she loves to help others grow in their own personal path too.

#Event registration Instructions:#

This event is FREE and open to Dojo Members and the public. Sign up fast! Limited to 10 places only!

Register at Dojo Front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org. 

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Better Systems, Lower Workload

Whether you are a Digital agency owner, a service provider or someone who wants to improve your systems and processes, this workshop is for you! Learn how to clear yourself as a growth bottleneck in your business through excellent systems, processes & management practices using systemisation with Kieran Browning!

What you will learn:

Saving yourself time in managing staff immediately
Getting your staff to improve their performance automatically
Packaging your service the smart way

About the speaker:
Kieran Browning has been an Operations consultant and operations manager for digital businesses since 2011. Using systematization, he hasn’t worked more than 10 hours a week in over three years and is passionate about helping other business owners do the same.


####Event Registration Instructions####
This event is free and open to the public. If you want to join, please email at rsvp@dojobali.org or sign up at Dojo’s Front desk. Available for 30 spots only.

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