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Social Media 102 (not 101)

Event Byline*: The who, what, when, how & why of social


What People Will Learn*:

–       Social media strategy – what’s involved? It’s more than just creating beautiful content and posting!

–       Content strategy in general for your brand/business

–       Creative direction and content best practices for Facebook and Instagram (more execution than strategy)


Long Description:

 In addition to the short description, here’s a nitty gritty of topics that I’ll touch on:

  • Aligning your brand values to that of your customers
  • Customer experience x social media
  • Content strategy in general
  • Social media content strategy
  • How to approach creative i.e. direction and production
  • Key KPIs and how to report


About the speaker*:

Hi, I’m Karen. I’m a freelance social media marketer and consultant based in Sydney, Australia. I studied Marketing in Brisbane at QUT, and moved down to Sydney after I graduated. Before switching to my current lifestyle, I worked in a few industries – from luxury retail to travel, and my last major full-time role was with Australia’s largest online retailer, THE ICONIC. I joined THE ICONIC since its startup days to grow the business in areas like customer experience, marketing, campaigns, copywriting and of course, social media.

I quit my full-time job last year in August for this new lifestyle for two reasons:

  1. To get out of my comfort zone and see what big things I can create myself!
  2. To live the happiest life possible, which means doing some things differently – i.e. no location restrictions, flexible time, variety of clients/projects. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also freedom!

 As a freelancer, I’ve worked with a variety of brands but they all have one thing in common – they respect and value the significance of social media and are willing to invest in this marketing channel. It might be 2017, but some businesses still aren’t there yet.

Past and current clients include:

–       THE ICONIC

–       theright.fit

–       BRICKX

–       Fotobox

–       Stay Loyal

–       Trefiel (The reason why I’m currently in Bali because we’re shooting Trefiel’s next marketing campaign!)

 You can see what I get up to on my Instagram (warning, it’s a lot of food, which café I’m working at for the day… and DOGS I encounter)

IG @karen__png (www.instagram.com/karen__png

And the more serious work stuff at…

FB www.facebook.com/karenpng

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/karenpng




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