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Lady Boss: The Trailblazer of Canggu

Based on a dictionary, to be a trailblazer person meaning that you ‘are a leader in a particular field, especially who does a particular thing before anyone else does’. To celebrate women’s month, we bring three amazing women who went through all  challenges to build their businesses and projects in Canggu, making themselves one of the main leaders of each industry. They didn’t choose the easy way and went all the way! We are so honored to have Paola, Arielle, and Rose to share their stories openly to us. Come, listen and share you own experience during the event. Lady Boss is back to celebrate powerful females at Dojo who create amazing businesses, and also to inspire and empower each other! Empty your dinner schedule too, as we have networking dinner afterwards with the speakers and the participants.

The Lady Bosses:

Paola Cannucciari is an Italian citizen living and working in Indonesia since 1990 and currently residing in Bali. With an extensive background in Sustainability and Conservation She has been dedicating her efforts since 2005 to waste management issues working for many international NGOs and consulting firms. She is a co-founder of “ecoBali recycling” and “Waste4change” two environmental enterprises well known as frontrunners in “responsible waste management” in Indonesia. She has extensive knowledge of Indonesia both from a technical and cultural point of view having worked in a number of projects from Papua to Flores, Sulawesi, Bali, Java Kalimantan and Sumatra. She is happily married with a Balinese and together during the past 24 years they have shared dreams, a son and the passion for environment, and have been working hand in hand since 2001.

From one extreme to another, Arielle Chenarra made the big move from the pressure of modern city life to settling a new life in the centre of the Sibang bamboo jungle – Bali, precisely in the middle of nowhere. Taking her next daring leap, Arielle left the conventional education system at age 13 to pursue her passion and a balanced lifestyle. She launched Thyme & Caramel Cakes in 2016 at age 14 with the original motivation to providing guilt free joy through cakes. Juggling a business, serving cakes from birthdays to wedding events daily,  It is Arielle’s dream for her story to be a reminder & inspiration for all ages, that they too have a story of their own to write & share.

With a vision to keep music a positive and fulfilling part of a students’ life, Rosa Mystica believes that music lessons should be both fruitful and fun. This view inspired Rosa to build a music school that holds different values than other music schools. In 2012, the first branch of Ensiklomusika Music School was established in Jakarta and has been providing a comfortable space for any aged student to both explore music and how it enriches their lives. In 2018, Ensiklomusika Music School expanded to Bali with two branches in Sanur and Canggu. Handling hundreds of students, Rosa ensures that every teacher is more than just a great musician by conducting pedagogical training for them. This way, each teacher feels both confident in their ability to transfer knowledge to their pupils and happy to keep the classroom fun. She’s also growing an interest in playing harp lately!

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This event is free and open to public. Limited to 50 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org. It’s mandatory.


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