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How Music Improves Life

Using Music To Enhance Your Everyday Life

Listening to music makes me feel good” are often comments people say. Research shows many benefits to music listening and music-making to a person’s health. Especially in this fast-paced digital era, music is easily accessible on devices anywhere you are. So, how can you maximize these music resources to your current mood and life phases? How can you resolve your stress with music while lying in bed? Why can music give you comfort at certain hard times? The term music therapy will be frequently mentioned in this talk. We will explore together ways you can benefit music to enhance your everyday life.

What People Will Learn:
– What is Music Therapy? Its benefits around the world and how it works.
– How to use music to enhance your everyday life. Using music to treat stress, anxiety, focus, grief, motivation, etc.
– Raising awareness of unhealthy side-effects to music listening.
– Creating your own playlist.

About the speaker:
Syra Adinda is a video editor and video creator based in Bali, having her own video editing service online called Zabenno. Prior to her work in video, Syra studied Music Therapy in a Conservatory of Music majoring on the Violin instrument. She has done various music therapy practices with special needs children, orphanage, cancer patient communities, in-patient hospital ward, and elderly in retirement home. Syra has conducted a research about “Music as a Reconciliation Bridge in Ambon Post-Religious Conflict” involving communities in one of Indonesia’s remote Islands: Ambon. Although Syra later found herself working as a video creator, she still has huge passions in music and its positive impacts. Now, her music skills are a huge contribution in her video creations.

Website: https://zabenno.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randomsyra/
Email: syra@zabenno.com
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