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Dojo Love Week

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day just for lovers with lovers – it should be an entire week where everybody gets to experience a little love and appreciation in the coworking space. After all, love and appreciation lead to happiness. And happiness is known to boost productivity

Cheers to Caroline Perréard who has brought this to life! More on her story on the blog: http://blog.dojobali.org/events/love-week

Love Week takes place the week of Valentine’s day, during which every person participating becomes a Secret Angel to another anonymously (similar to the concept of Secret Santa). This year is the second edition in Dojo, it will take place from Tuesday, February 11th – Friday, February 14th.

What People Will Experience:
– How conscious acts of kindness can really lift your mood and the mood of the person receiving
– Feeling a sense of belonging and community
– Create unexpected connections
– Feel happier and inspired
– Be more productive
– Be able to focus more easily
– Inspire others to do the same
– Participate in a global movement

How Does Love Week Work?

Dojo members or staff will need to register to the event until Monday 10/02/2020 before 4PM and provide a valid email address sent via email to Dojo. You will receive an email with the information a person from Dojo (either Dojo Staff or Dojo Member). This person will be your Human, which will make you their Secret Angel.

Your duty as a Secret Angel is to show love and appreciation for your Human throughout Love Week in creative, mysterious and secretive ways (check out our tips below). You do this anonymously!

Show the world how much love you are spreading. Share photos of your Love Week experience on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SpreadLoveWeek #DojoLoveWeek.
Remember that while you are a Secret Angel, someone else is also being a Secret Angel to you. So, you too will be receiving love and appreciation from him or her all week long

On Friday 14th February at 5:30 pm during Beach and Beers, Angels reveal themselves and get to hug their Human. Your identity as a Secret Angel should only be revealed to your Human after Love Week ends.

Requirements: Be willing to participate in the experience during the 4 days (from 11 to 14 February included). If not physically present, please get organised with other Dojo members so that your human doesn’t suffer your absence.

Tips and Ideas

You don’t have to spend lavish amounts to show your Human love and appreciation! It’s always the thought and effort that count. Surprise them with their favorite drink or treat from the Dojo cafe, decorate their “workspace”, etc.

While you can be generous and spend on gifts, Love Week doesn’t require cash! Create a Spotify playlist, send them empowering quotes, set up a temporary Tumblr account dedicated to them or create a customized Pinterest board of their goals and interests.

Collaborate with other Secret Angels! Send another person to serenade, give a quick massage, deliver a gift, or recite an embarrassing poem or on your behalf. Get information about what your Human likes through their friends in Dojo (or stalk them online).

Bring Love Week to your community, family or a society/club that you are part of. Love Week isn’t just for companies and even be done virtually! Just get creative and innovate

Check out #SpreadLoveWeek on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see examples of what Secret Angels were up to during the previous edition. And also here https://blog.dojobali.org/events/love-air-recap-dojos-love-week/ for reading about the first dojo love week edition.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is for members and Dojo staff only. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org. Registration closes on February 10th at 4PM.

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