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Brand Yourself Through Storytelling

Storytelling Can Improve Your Career & Personal Life. Learn How From This Former Thai Monk! 

Do you feel stuck with how you’re being perceived in business or life? If the word “identity” overwhelms you, then stories could help you change that and make it right. There is a light at the end of your tunnel! Khun will share the steps he took over the last six months to create his new identity. This includes research, participating in workshops, digging into his family history, and even going on a silent retreat. This former monk recently decided to go on a completed silent retreat. This was not new and should be easy for him. He will be sharing his experience as part of his actionable steps to help you discover stories that you may not even remember! You will also hear a mind-blowing discovery that changed his life forever.

Skill Level: All Level

What People Will Learn: 
* Why story is a powerful tool for true identity discovery
* How to understand, embrace, and share your own stories publicly
*Tips and tricks to help you craft your own steps using stories to create an exciting identity.
* Killer secrets to help share your identity

About The Speaker:
Khun is a 40 Under 40 Most Influential: Asian-Australian Winner who has a successful career in the water sector. He enjoys living a location independent lifestyle but yet he felt that something was missing from his life. Five months ago, he strongly felt stuck with his own identity that he has been building over the last decade. He took the leap by using his own stories to discover and pursue his second passion of storytelling. Khun is now the Producer of Dojo Story Slam. He has overcome his fear of telling his stories publicly and step-up on stage sharing his mind-blowing discovery at the inaugural Fuckup Nights Canggu. Khun will be sharing how to brand yourself through storytelling.


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