Anti-blue light glasses for those who live & work online.



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Anti-blue light glasses for those who live & work online.

Hey! We’re Franc & Iris, a small team of remote workers who ditched our corporate city careers in 2019, booked one way tickets to paradise and never looked back! We fell in love with the digital nomad way of life – travelling the world and working online yet eye strain was a struggle. We set out to find a solution to continue maximising our productivity whilst not having to lower screen time, or continue dealing with the nasty symptoms of digital eye strain or compromise our style! Thus, Franc & Iris was born – anti-blue light glasses for those who live & work online.

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Why Blue Light Glasses?
Our glasses help to block blue light from your screens which can help ease symptoms of:

  • sore, dry, itchy eyes
  • difficulty concentrating
  • poor memory
  • headaches & migraines
  • poor sleep quality, or even insomnia

Helping you to optimise your performance when working remotely without compromising your health.

What is the Problem with Blue Light?
Our body’s natural circadian rhythm is what regulates our sleep pattern. Blue light from natural sources such as the sun helps to regulate this. Exposure to blue light stops the body from producing a hormone called melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy. When the sun goes down, melatonin production starts and we naturally wind down and start to feel sleepy. The challenge is, as remote workers, we’re often exposed to blue light long into the night from our screens. This means melatonin may not be produced meaning we may struggle to fall asleep as our body is telling us to stay awake and alert, completely throwing our circadian rhythm out of balance. Sleep is so important for optimal performance and overall well-being, blue light glasses are a very affordable hack to help prevent these issues and allow you to keep your productivity high when working remotely.

Give the Gift of Sight with every purchase
Giving back is at the forefront of our brand and really important to us, so much so that we made it part of our mission with our 1-for-1 model. With every pair of glasses sold, we restore someone’s sight in the developing world. We donate $15 from every sale to which pays for an eye test and prescription glasses for someone in need that wouldn’t otherwise have access to them

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