Frequently Asked Questions

Dojo Coworking Most Frequently Asked Questions

New to Bali

Q. Do you know of any good accommodation around here?

Our number one recommendation is Dojo Coliving, it is located only 3 minutes away. It’s a cosy guesthouse with 10 rooms, a great kitchen, chill out space and pool.  You will find availability and prices on our website.

Alternatively, please have a look on booking.com or Airbnb for other accommodation options, plus there is a load of Facebook groups:

Q. Is it safe to use ATM’s around here?

No, there are huge levels of fraud in Indonesia including skimming of cards in ATM machines. The safest ATM’s are those that have 24 hour security, most often located inside the banks. The closest safe bank is BNI located in Jalan Raya Canggu here

Getting Started

Q. What is a Coworking Space?

A Coworking space is a gathering of people who work independently but share similar values and appreciate the synergy that can come from working alongside each other, our space is relaxed but super productive. Here at Dojo we have a very strong community and offer a wide diversity of events, we work to support members to achieve business success and contribute to the wider community in Bali through our Cogiving initiatives.

Q. Can I join events as a guest?

This depends on the event. Some of our events are open to the public whilst some are for members only. You may ask at the Front Desk for specific event information or check the event description on the website or facebook. If you want to attend one of our public events you can register by following the instructions on the event page.

Q. Do I have to reserve or make a booking to secure a spot in Dojo?

No, Dojo operates on a first come, first served policy. There is no need to make a reservation prior to your arrival. Once you arrive, you can just come to our Front Desk, which is open 24/7, take a tour to learn how Dojo works and buy your membership.

Q. I only need 1hour of access to check emails. Can I buy an hour pass?

Sorry no, we do not offer hour passes. Our focus is on long-term members that contribute to the community. Pro tip: If you buy a Nalu Bowl you will get a free 30-minute internet token 🙂

Q. Can I email you a document and have it printed and pick it up later?

Sorry no, we are not a print shop. You will find a load of local print suppliers on Jalan Raya Canggu.

Q. What is a tour?

The first time you visit Dojo Bali we will show you the space and explain how we work. One of our friendly hosts will show you around, explain the benefits of membership, how the community works, upcoming events and how you can get involved in our Cogiving initiatives. Please ask our host if you have any questions.

Q. Why do I need to take a tour?

It is very important to us that new visitors understand what Dojo is about. We are much more than a Coworking space and we want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of all of the benefits of membership once you sign up as a member at Dojo. We also like to understand a little bit about you: what you are looking for, how you like to work and what you might contribute to our community.

Q. Can I get a free trial?

No sorry, we don’t offer trial passes due to the transient nature of Bali. You are more than welcome to take a smaller membership package or a day pass, when available, to try out the space.

Q. As a guest, can I get coffee or food in your café?

We are not a regular coffee shop, we are a coworking space and the cafe is only available to our members. If you would like to order our excellent food, smoothy bowl or coffee please take a seat in Nalu Bowls and order there with our staff.

Q. I’m a Nalu Bowl customer, can I use your toilet?

Yes, you may but you will need to register so we know who is in the space.

Q. Why do I have to register just to use the toilet?

You need to register because everyone in this space is registered. Our members have valuable items in the space and we need to know who is here at all times so that we can maintain security.

Signing up

Q. What membership plans do you have? How do they differ?

We offer membership packages from 25 hours to unlimited monthly membership. Each plan includes different services (e.g. Skype booth, printing tokens etc.)

Q. Do you have day passes?

Yes, most of the time we offer day passes. However, during peak times, we may restrict day passes to maintain the quality of the space. At the weekends and evenings we almost always have day passes available.

Q. What is a day pass?

Our day pass is valid from midnight to midnight. It includes printing, charged separately, and access to the space and the events on that day.

Q. How do I know if day passes are available?

Please check our website, if you see Day passes there you are able to book them, if they are not listed there, they are not available for that day.

Q. Do you have a weekly pass?

Yes. If you only need access for a week you can sign up for one of our smaller packages. Our 50-hours membership package is calculated for 5 days’ work at 8 hours per day plus a bit to spare. You can use those hours during the course of a week.

Q. What is the night-owl membership?

Our night owl membership gives you unlimited access to the space between 6pm and 8am at a discounted rate.

Q. Can I register now and get access, I forgot my money, is it ok if I pay later?

Sorry no, we require payment in full before activating your member account.

Q. Do you offer a discount for Indonesians?

Yes, we are offer a 50% discount for all Indonesian Citizens.

Q. Do you offer a discount for KITAS holders?

Sorry No, we don’t offer a discount for KITAS holders

Q. Do you offer Group Membership?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your team or group but we do need to approve big groups in advance. We can issue one invoice for all members of a team to the team owner. Depending on the size of your group you can get a discount on unlimited memberships only. If you are planning to come with a group please connect with us here and tell us who is coming, the number of people, genders, industry, skills, the work that they are involved in, dates, length of stay, and what the group is doing as we do need to approve big groups to make sure it’s a good fit for the community. If you have any ideas on how your group can share skills with our community please outline these also.

Membership Plans

Q. When does my membership start?

Your membership normally starts on the day you sign up and make payment. If you need to start your membership on a different day, please advise your host explicitly as we are unable to change the commencement date once the membership has started.

Q. How I can check my hours?

You can check your hours on our website by simply logging in and clicking “My Time Usage” in the menu at the top left of the page. Or you can check with one of our excellent hosts at the Front Desk.

Q. How long is the duration of the membership?

Memberships are valid for exactly 30 days from the day the membership starts.

Q. Can I take the hours that I haven't used to the next month?

Sorry, memberships are valid for 30 days from the commencement date, you are unable to change the dates, transfer hours from one month to another or pause memberships.

Q. Can I pause my membership?

Sorry, memberships are valid for 30 days from the commencement date, you are unable to change the dates, change the dates, transfer hours from one month to another or pause memberships.

Q. Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

Sorry no, You sign your “membership contract” under your name and only you can use it.

Q. Can I buy more hours for the month?

Yes, if your membership is still running (<30 days), but you have run out of hours you can buy more hours at our Front Desk. The cost will depend on your membership plan (ranging from 18,500 IDR to 32,000 IDR per hour). PRO TIP: If you need a large number of  hours you may get better value from a new or different membership package.

Q. Are the hours of the membership for using the space or using the Wifi?

The hours you are buying with your membership plan are access to the space but we manage this through your access to the network. If you are on a limited hours membership you need to be logged in whenever you are in the space.

Upgrade, Renewal & Cancellation

Q. How can I upgrade my membership?

If you have committed to a specific membership plan but need to upgrade your plan you will need to buy a new membership if you want a different package. If you have run out of hours in your current plan and your membership is still active, you can add more hours to your current plan at our Front Desk.

Q. Can I downgrade my membership to a smaller membership package?

Sorry, we have no facility for downgrading memberships or providing refunds.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

You don’t need to do anything to cancel your membership. Your membership will end automatically if you leave Dojo without extending it.

Q. Why did I receive an automated email with the renewal of my membership?

This is an automated process from our management system. As stated in the email you will NOT be charged and your membership will NOT be renewed. If you wish to discontinue your membership, please just ignore the email – there is no action  required from you. PRO TIP: Please read the entire email before you send us a moody response 🙂

Q. Do you bill my credit card automatically?

No, we don’t bill your credit card automatically. You will receive an automated email including an invoice once your membership has expired but if you don’t want to renew your membership, please just ignore the email. PRO TIP: Please read the entire email before you send us a moody response 🙂

Q. Can I get a refund for my unused hours at the end of the month?

Sorry no. We work hard to create and maintain this big family and lovely group of friends, but as a business person you will appreciate that we still operate as a business.

Working Out Of Dojo

Q. What is a Coworking Space?

A Coworking Space is a group of people who work independently, but share values and appreciate the synergy and collaboration that comes from working alongside each other. Dojo has a very strong community and offers a diversity of social, learning and sharing events.

Q. When are you open?

Dojo is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Don’t worry our staff is always available to you, we only close for NYE and Nyepi, the Balinese New Year and the Day of Silence.

Q. When I arrive at Dojo, should I check in at Front Desk all the time?

No, there is no need to check in at the Front Desk every time you visit. You just need to turn on your WIFI to log in to the system once you have found a spot.

Q. What are the busy times?

Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays are our busiest days, especially between 11am and 3pm. It may be difficult during those times to get your preferred spot but we have never had situation where we haven’t had a space for a member. PRO TIP: Sit somewhere new and meet some different people, you never know where it might lead 🙂

Q. Do I need to share my table?

Yes, please make sure to not block other seats or desk-space, we want to make sure that everyone has a seat in the space.

Q. Do I really have to take of my shoes on entry?

Yes, someone took their shoes off at the very beginning and then everyone started taking their shoes off and we haven’t been able to stop it since. Now it is a rule, that’s social influence for you J Besides we are a Dojo, there should be some mystical Japanese etiquette.

Q. Where can I eat?

There are no “written rules” for eating food in the space. You are allowed to eat everywhere, but please be considerate of other members when you are eating to not spill anything on the desks, eat too noisily or disturb others. It is also nice if you take back your plates and glasses and not leave rooms messy.

Q. Do you offer free coffee, tea and water for members?

Yes, please help yourself at our kitchen corner in the Great Hall. We offer coffee, milk, sugar, tea bags and water refills free of charge. Please make sure to wash your cups after you have used them.

Q. Can I make a call without using the skype booth?

Yes, you can make and take calls in the space, generally in the cafe and outside areas. Please make sure not to disturb other members, which means keeping it to a whisper. There are generally no calls allowed in the meeting rooms as these are quieter areas, you can take a call there but then move to a different area, keeping other members in mind.

Q. Where is the best place to have phone calls?

Generally it’s best to take calls in the café area and outside areas. Please always consider other members and don’t be too loud, or book a skype booth to take calls.

Q. Can I take phone calls in the meeting rooms?

Our meeting rooms are generally quieter zones. It is at your discretion to keep the rooms quiet. Best to go to the outside areas to make or take calls.

Q. Can I reserve a seat or table?

We operate on a first come, first served policy. We don’t allow members to block tables and don’t provide dedicated desks. Our community comes first, we are very encouraging of collaboration and meeting new people at your workplace. PRO TIP: Sit somewhere new and meet some different people, you never know where it might lead 🙂

Q. Can I bring a friend or client into Dojo?

Dojo Bali is a coworking space for members only. Of course, you are welcome to show your friends around to check out the beautiful place you are working from – just let the Front Desk know so that our hosts can register them and help you to give your friend the best tour.

If you are an unlimited member you have the option of providing your visitors with a guest token for one hour of internet access, up to a maximum of three guest tokens per month, if you need more please ask.

Q. What happens if someone spills water over my laptop?

Your personal property is your responsibility including, but not limited to, theft, power-surges or accidental spillages.

Q. What happens if someone steals or eats my thongs/jangles/flip-flops at the entrance?

Sorry, Dojo does not take responsibility for your shoes/thongs/flip-flops/jangles going missing or being eaten by street dogs or other street animals.

Q. Can I bring my pet or dog to Dojo?

We love animals but the answer has to be “No”, unfortunately we can’t allow everyone to bring their pets as we already have 2 Dojo Dog’s and 1 Dojo cat – and they are quite territorial 😉


Q. Why is community so important to Dojo?

Dojo is built on the vision of a thriving community of conscious coworkers, that believe in work-life balance, shared knowledge, collaboration and a willingness to give back to the local community through outreach projects. Dojo is much more than just a coworking space, it is a space to learn, grow, succeed and share skills with your co-workers. We believe that everyone’s potential grows through the exchange of ideas and shared visions.

Q. What events or opportunities do you offer for the community?

Dojo runs a huge number of community events, including social meet ups like member lunches, dinners, days out and our famous monthly BBQ, slightly more formal networking events such as our new members breakfast and speed networking, and motivational skill sharing talks by our members. Check out our events calendar to get more info.


Q. Can I rent a monitor, keyboard or mouse?

Providing they are available you are welcome to rent a keyboard, mouse or monitor but please note that we have limited stock. You can rent them at the Front Desk, the hosts will provide you with the details. Rental of these items is subject to availability with Unlimited Members given priority.

Q. Do you rent out laptops and computers?

Sorry, we have no facility for renting laptops or computers. We did at one time, but the laptops were not looked after so that didn’t last long 🙁

Q. Can I store my monitor somewhere?

We have 5 custom lockers that are big enough to store a monitor however the lockers are only available on request to unlimited members. Please note, we do not take responsibility for monitors that are left unattended in the space.

Q. How can I get a locker?

Lockers are available to unlimited members only (subject to availability), please check with one of our hosts to see if we have a locker for you.

Q. Can I use the pool and do you have a shower?

It can get quite hot in Bali and you are more than welcome to have a splash in the pool to cool down. We also have a shower that you can use, please bring your own towel.

Q. Do you have towels?

Sorry we don’t provide towels, please bring your own if you are intending to have a splash in the pool or take a shower.

Q. Where is the parking area?

The parking area is just across the street, on the left side, behind the sports bar.

Q. Where can I smoke?

Dojo is a smoking free area. Please go outside to smoke and make sure that you dispose of your butts in the ashtray provided.

Skype Booth & Meeting Room

Q. How can I book a skype room?

You can book the skype room either in your member’s area on our website or at the Front Desk. If you are not a member you will need to come to our Front Desk to register, book and pay for the Skype room.

Q. What's the cost for a skype booth?

The cost for a member is 50,000 IDR per hour, for a non-member 100,000 IDR per hour. Unlimited memberships include 10 hours and the 100 hour membership includes 2 hours of Skype room use.

Q. Can I book a skype booth even if I'm not a member?

You are welcome to book a Skype room without becoming a member, the cost is 100,000 IDR per hour. You will need to come to our Front Desk to register, book and pay for the Skype room.

Q. Can I book a meeting room?

We have meeting rooms available to rent, however all meeting room bookings require approval from our management. Our primary focus is our member community and we are a little particular about inviting groups in. We have one large meeting room and two small meeting rooms that can be booked for members and special events.


Q. Is it safe to send mail to Dojo?

Not really, nothing is safe in Indonesia J especially electronic or valuable items. Things like bank cards, books or letters, generally get accepted. But be prepared for additional high fees or taxes. Dojo has no control over mail.

Q. What items can cause problems when being shipped in Indonesia?

Electronics, teas, medicines, cosmetics and anything valued more than $50 will most likely be stopped by customs.

Q. Can I get mail or a package delivered to Dojo?

Only if you have an active 100hours or Unlimited monthly membership plan. We DO NOT accept mail or packages of any kind for people that are not registered in our system. Sorry we have had too many bad experiences in the past.

Q. How much does it cost to get mail delivered to Dojo?

There is a small handling fee for 100hour and unlimited members. If you have a package delivered and you are not on the correct membership plan the handling fee will be x20 the handling fee rate or may not be accepted.

Q. How long will you store my package?

We have very limited space for storing packages, you will need to collect your mail within 7 days as it will only be kept for 1 week.

Q. How will I know when my package was delivered?

Members are notified by email if you have new package delivery. Please also note sometimes there are additional courier or customs charges.

Q. Can I send a package from Dojo?

Sorry we are not a post office, use the local Kantor Pos here.


Q. How can I use the printer?

If you are printing for the first time please approach our Front Desk to send you a link to our printing system. From there you can send the document to the printer and just pick up the printed document at our printer, which is located in the Great Hall next to the water refill station.

Q. What's the cost of printing?

The cost for 1 page B/W is 5,000 IDR, for color the cost is 8,000 IDR.

Q. Why is your printer so expensive?

Printing is expensive as we need to take into account the maintenance and rental fee of our big printer. We are not a print shop and can’t build on big economies of scale.

Q. Can I print something at Dojo if I'm not a member?

Sorry, we are not a print shop, our printer is only available to members.

Internet, WIFI & Network

Q. Do you have good internet? How fast is it? What's the upload and download speed?

Its fast, very fast actually the fastest connection on the island. We have 6 connections in order to ensure that the internet is always available. You can read more about our internet here and to check the current Bandwidth.

Q. Do you guarantee I will always have fast internet?

No this is Bali! Sorry we do not guarantee the internet, however we currently hold a 99.8% uptime, your time in the space is not for internet it’s access to the space.

Q. I want to use an Ethernet cable, do you have an access point?

We only offer Ethernet cable access in our skype booths, you can book Skype Rooms by the hour from the Front Desk.

Q. Are you using an IPv4 or IPv6 connection?

We are using an IPv4 connection.

Q. Can I do a speed-test?

You can, but it won’t give you an accurate result as we use 6 different internet providers. Please read more about our internet here.

Q. Do you have a static IP-Address?

As we use 6 different internet providers we have no facility to provide a static IP address.

Q. Can I use a VPN?

We recommend that you use a VPN as all internet traffic is monitored by the government in Indonesia.

Q. Can I use torrents in the space?

We do not permit the use torrents at Dojo. All internet traffic is monitored by the government in Indonesia and sharing and downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material is illegal. Overuse of the network also negatively impacts the bandwidth performance for other members, please be considerate of other members if you are uploading/downloading, or streaming large files.

Q. Can I get a dedicated internet connection just for me?

Unfortunately, we have no provision to provide dedicated internet connections. Besides you wouldn’t want that the idea of the network is to have a redundancy this means you always have internet which is never guaranteed in Indonesia.


Q. When is your café open?

The café is open from 7am till 8pm, serving delicious food and coffee. We ask that you don’t bring outside food into Dojo during café opening hours.

Q. Do you also offer options for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, we offer numerous vegetarian and vegan options at our café: including delicious Vegetarian Poke Bowls, Veggie Pad Thai, Salads and more. Please visit the Café page on our website to have a peak at the menu.

Q. Can I pay with card in your cafe?

Yes, you can.

Q. Do I have to return my dishes?

Thanks for thinking of it 😉 You are warmly encouraged to return your used dishes, cups and glasses to the kitchen. We greatly appreciate your help!


Q. What types of events are at Dojo?

Dojo’s events fall into 3 categories: Inspiration, Knowledge & Networking. Events range from panel discussions, to workshops to day outs, group activities and meetups, sporting events, Digital Marketing to Artificial Intelligence, Peak Performance to Photography and many, many more.

Q. What are the regular events at Dojo?

There are several weekly networking events including the New Members Breakfast, Mastermind, Toastmasters, Soccer Night, Members Lunch, Members Dinner, Beach & Beers (Friday Drinks), Developer Meetup, and Photography Meetup. There are also events that happen monthly including the BBQ, Day Out, Movie Night, and Speed Networking.

Q. What is the most suitable event to join as a completely new member?

If you are new to Dojo and keen to meet people you should definitely check out the New Members Breakfast, Members Lunches & Dinners and Beach & Beers on a Friday. You’ll walk away with a whole bunch of new friends – guaranteed!

Q. I would like to register for an event, how can I do that?

To register to attend an event you will need to either put your name down on the events list at the Front Desk or connect with us here.

Q. Are events open to public?

Some of our events are open to the public, some are exclusively for members only. Please ask at the Front Desk for more information or check the event description on Facebook or the Dojo Bali Website. If the event is open to the public you are welcome to invite your friends and tell them to register by contacting us here.

Q. I would like to do a talk or hold an event at Dojo how do I organize this?

Awesome! We love people that give back to the community. Please register your interest with our events team here.

Q. Can I hold an event at Dojo and charge for it?

It depends. In general our events are free and run for the benefit of the community and we are against profit making on events. But in some cases we make exceptions, please co-ordinate with our events manager by completing our event form here.

Q. What kind of event can I hold at Dojo?

All events are carefully curated and must meet our standards of professionalism. We have some rules regarding events in our space so that we can keep the event quality high. There is absolutely no selling of your products or services. We typically will not approve events around life coaching, NLP and spirituality as there are many other places in Bali that offer these types of events and are much better suited.

Q. Can I hold a closed / private event at Dojo?

Sorry no, if it doesn’t contribute to our community we will not approve the event.

Q. Can I choose who comes to my event if I organize an event?

No, sorry. Dojo reserve the right to decide if an event is exclusive to members or public.

Q. Can I get WIFI access when there is an event on?

Yes, if you are a member, if you are not a member, you do not get WIFI access. Hotspots are not allowed in the space and you will be asked to leave if you are found to be using them.

Q. Are you recording your events / workshops? Where can I watch them?

Yes, we record most of our workshops and broadcast them live. The links are posted in the Dojo Community Facebook Group at the beginning of the event. You can only watch them if you are a member and you have access to the Facebook Group.

Q. Can I bring friends to the events?

This depends on the event. Some of our events are open to the public, some are exclusive to members. You may ask at the Front Desk for more information or have a look at the event description on Facebook or our website. If it’s an event open to public, you may register your friend by contacting us here.

Q. What is the Mastermind?

Our Mastermind session is a members only event. The Mastermind is a meeting of highly motivated people who come together to discuss the challenges they are facing in their businesses and provide solutions, encouragement and support to each other.

Q. What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Toastmasters hold their Canggu meetings at Dojo every two weeks on a Wednesday evening, the event is open to the public, but they do charge a small amount to cover their costs.

Q. What is Speed Networking?

Speed Networking is a fun and efficient way to meet your fellow Coworkers in the Dojo Family and find out more about their projects. You get to meet up with other Dojo members through a series of 3 minute mini dates. Afterwards we serve free beers and you’ll get the opportunity to mingle and deepen the conversation.

PRO TIP: this speed networking is not a love thing, if you are looking for love we thoroughly recommend Nomad Soulmates or Tinder. Please register early as this event always fills up fast and be prepared for a very intense networking session.

Q. How much is the BBQ?

The BBQ costs 200K and is a members only event. Make sure you register and pay before Thursday as it rises to 300K due to the costs of late ordering from suppliers.

Q. Can I come to the BBQ if I don’t want to eat or drink?

All active members are welcome to attend the BBQ and if you are 100% sure that you don’t want to enjoy the delicious food and drink …. there is no need to pay 🙂

Dojo Coliving

Q. What is the Dojo Coliving?

Coliving is a new way of living. It is basically a shared house with a shared kitchen and common area that facilitates networking and shared activities. We offer packages that include Dojo Membership, pick up and drop off at the airport a Sim Card and anything else that you might need when you arrive in Bali.

Q. How do I book your coliving?

Please visit our Dojo Coliving page here and follow the instructions for payment on the booking page.

Q. How can I pay?

You can only pay with Credit Card on our booking platform here.

Q. Who is the Dojo Coliving for?

Coliving is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live.

Q. How many people live in the building?

We have 10 rooms with a maximum of 2 people per room. The maximum capacity is 20 people. However please note pricing is based on 1 person, please get in contact with us for pricing for couples.

Q. What kind of common spaces do you have?

We offer a shared fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a chill area with a small library, pool and grass area where you can hang out or work.

Q. How much does it cost?

We have a range of different rooms at different prices, please check websites for cost.

Q. What is provided in my room?

All of the rooms are en-suite with queen or king sized bed, bed side tables, work desk, wardrobe, chair and mirror.

Q. What sort of events can I expect to happen when I move in?

We have a huge amount of events happening at Dojo including Masterminds, Workshops, Movie Nights, Talks etc. All of these events are free for you during your stay. We also organise regular social events including the New Member Breakfast, Member Lunches and Dinners, Beach & Beers on a Friday and our famous Monthly BBQ which have a small cost. You will be briefed on how you can get involved with all of these events and activities when you arrive.

Q. What is the length of stay?

We offer flexible stay lengths to suit your individual requirements. You can stay with us as long as you want, but the minimum length of stay is 7 nights, please note that the prices may vary depending on the season.

Q. What happens to my contract if I want to leave early?

Sorry, we have a no refund policy.

Q. Are there rooms available for couples?

Yes, please enquire for couples rates.

Q. Is there 24/7 security?

Yes, from 8am-6pm there are staff at the Coliving. Outside of these hours we have CCTV and a digital lock on the front door.

Q. Are pets allowed?

We love animals, but sorry – you can’t bring your own.

Q. Do you have parking area?

Yes, we provide a parking area for motorbikes, unfortunately, there are no spaces for cars.

PRO TIP: Do not leave any valuables in your bike while it is parked, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of anything you leave unattended.

Q. Can I come to the BBQ if I don’t want to eat or drink?

All active members are welcome to attend the BBQ and if you are 100% sure that you don’t want to enjoy the delicious food and drink …. there is no need to pay 🙂

Q. Can I take a bicycle instead of a scooter?

Yes, you can rent a bicycle instead of a scooter. Please inform us when you make your booking and we will arrange it for you.

Q. Do you provide laundry facility?

We take care of all of the linen and towel laundry. We do not provide a laundry service, but we have information and the locations of all the local laundry’s. Our host will happily help you to find the right one for you.

Q. Do you have breakfast included?

No Sorry, however you can order from Dojo Café and we will deliver, there is so many amazing places in Canggu to eat at, we find most of our members prefer this option or your able to keep food in the fridge and cook your own.

Q. Can I cook my own food in the kitchen?

You are more than welcome to cook you own food, we also offer a big fridge to store your groceries.

Q. I am a female. Is it safe for me to stay and what percentage of females do you have in your space?

Short answer is Yes, but like anywhere don’t walk around with your bag or purse showing. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our guests feel totally safe at all times. From 8am-6pm there are staff at the Coliving. Outside of these hours we have CCTV and a digital lock on the front door. We have also have a dedicated security company who are contactable in an emergency.

Q. Can I smoke in the house?

No. Smoking is not allowed, please smoke in the front parking area.


Q. What is Cogiving?

Cogiving is a form of community outreach and it is Dojo’s way of giving back to the wider Balinese community. It is our belief that a Coworking space can, and should, make a positive difference to the local community. We connect the various talents from our community to some of the most credible, deserving and impactful NGOs and social projects in Bali.

Q. What is a cogiving project / partner?

These are the NGOs / social projects that have partnered with Dojo to collaborate on their various causes; our current partner/projects are involved in issues such as waste management, youth development, sustainable tourism, rural village development, environmental education and access to clean water.

Q. Why is cogiving such a big part of Dojo?

Cogiving is essential to Dojo is it is intended to be a business with a purpose that gives back to the local community through social and environmental initiatives.

Q. Who is the Cogiving Officer?

Our Cogiving Officer is a good Balinese guy named Yudis, you can reach him by contacting us here or come say hi to him at Dojo. Find out more about him here.

Q. How can I find out about projects you are already running?

If you are interested to find out about the projects that we are involved with currently you should check out this link, read one of the cogiving updates on the Dojo Blog, the cogiving section on the barter board or contact Yudis here.

Q. How can I participate in one of Dojo’s cogiving projects as a volunteer? How can I register?

Please reach out to our Cogiving Officer Yudis here, he will let you know how to register and what projects are available. You need to be a member to be part of our cogiving programs.

Q. I’m not a member, can I join one of Dojo’s cogiving projects?

No, sorry, only members can join.

Q. I have an NGO company and would be interested in getting support or volunteers from Dojo, who can I contact?

Please reach out to our Cogiving Officer Yudis here to discuss a possible collaboration. Please note, we have a selection criteria and we do not accept all projects.

Q. What is your selection criteria?

We look at the level of impact your work delivers to the wider Balinese community, the urgency of the issue you are working on and the credibility/performance of your NGO.

Partners & Media

Q. I’m a journalist or blogger coming to Dojo and I want to feature the space. Who shall I contact?

We love to welcome bloggers to the space. We don’t normally offer special prices to influencers, as we love all our members equally and they are often pretty influential themselves. If you plan to collaborate, take photos or speak to someone on the team, please contact our Marketing Manager through here.

Q. I would like to become a partner / sponsor of Dojo, how shall I go about this?

We love to have people get involved with our community and help us grow or bring alive some new initiatives, however, it’s important for us that your company’s vision and objectives fit with Dojo’s values. Please send your partnership proposal here and we will get back to you.

Q. I want to distribute free samples of my product at Dojo. What shall I do?

We love to hand out freebies to our community – they are normally very happy to receive free chocolate, chargers or notepads ;), However, it’s important to us that your company’s vision and objectives fit with Dojo’s values. So please send your partnership proposal here.

Q. I want to become a contributor to your blog, how do I do that?

We are happy to hear that you are interested to contribute to the Dojo Bali Blog. Please register your interest by filling this form here.

Dojo Bali

Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

Dojo Bali is a Registered Trademark and under license of PT Mintox, Indonesia
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