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The Nomad Struggle: Instagram vs Reality

A Winners Strategy To Overcome The Unexpected Roadblocks And Challenges

Instagram vs. reality? And are location independent workers really living the dream life? Many nomads/location independent/remote workers moved to nomads hubs like Bali to break free from the 9 to 5 and travel the world and work online. This talk shares the #notsosexystuff and challenges of this emerging lifestyle. Nienke Nina has collected stories from nomads from all walks of life to talk about their daily challenges and greatest failures. She offers you a roadmap inspired by nomads that helps you start living the life you imagined. Stay location independent but mindful without getting stuck, experience loneliness, lack of productivity etc.

The way we nomad matters – what happens when a group of people from all walks of life come together? It creates another world. And then it expiries, and you begin all over again. The location independent community is a beautiful and rich source of lessons and unique stories, but dynamic. It is more challenging than the conventional lifestyle than most people imagine. It requires a force of new habits and routines. In order to succeed, you need to be mindful and aware of what your desired self is. We’ll cover the unexpected stories from nomads and their daily life. We collect and curate these stories for nomads who want to stay location independent but mindful.

What People Will Learn:
– Passion vs. Should – Behind the scenes of how Nienke Nina f*cked up.
– The most common daily struggles of location independent professional
– Reality check of how you are living your dream life
– Interactive part – Nina will ask questions via ranking system **
– Winners strategy – daily life hacks inspired by nomads to nomads
– Productivity, routines, community, dating, planning, etc.

About the speaker:
Nienke Nina came from Netherland and is the founder of Digital Nomads Daily. She is a community manager by heart and a content creator slash designer for social media by day. Nina is a creative entrepreneur and passionate about connecting people.She’s been living nomadically for 1,5 years, before previously working as a general manager in tech start up in Manila, Philippines. She has been living abroad for over four years and planning to stay abroad as long as possible!

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