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Natural Face & Body Care Workshop

Learn how to create your own natural face and body care product with the founder of Kala Sunara!

Create your own natural face and body care product and you will get to bring home your own creation! In this 2-hour beauty class workshop, you will learn how to develop and formulate your personal skincare product from the founder of Kala Sunara, while connecting and meeting new friends. It is important to understand what ingredients go inside the skincare product that you are using everyday, whether they are effective and safe for a specified skin type.

– How to create face mask for sensitive skin
– How to create face mask for dry skin
– How to create face mask for normal skin
– How to create body scrub
– How to create body mask
– connect with each other and meet new friends

Viskhania Anggrina was born in Jakarta, May 14th 1996. She moved to Bali after she graduated high school and started her career at Hilton hotel as a Sales. She decided to start her own beauty product business, Kala Sunara, as a side job during the pandemic. Her interest in beauty product led her to take classes and training to become a certified skincare product developer. What started as a side job becomes her main source of income now and she had sold more than 10,000 products in Indonesia and Australia ranging from natural organic masker face, body scrub, body oil, to hair mask. Kala Sunara’s products are BPOM certified and she had done workshops all around Indonesia to teach people how to take care of their skin and body by creating their own organic skincare product.


##Event Registration Instructions:##

This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. Cost: 350K/pax. Register fast! Limited to 8 people only!

Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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