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Mother Jungle Movie Screening and Discussion

Indigenous Storytelling For Conservation

Mother Jungle creates short videos of traditional stories of the Indigenous Mothers all around Indonesia about their land and environment with a focus on moral values, practices and beliefs. We utilize the power of filmmaking in order to digitally store and pass along the knowledge to the next generation and public. Collecting the stories is a cultural effort to conservation that shares the mother’s love and voice in order to enhance diverse values and understanding around culture and biodiversity for the next generation. The aim is to bring renewed attention to the storytelling practices of the Indigenous communities, the relevance of traditional stories in a rapidly changing society, and ongoing developments in Indonesian culture. There will be a cultural performance too during the screening.

Skill Level: All level

What People Will Learn:
– Indonesia is considered as one of the most megadiverse countries in terms of biodiversity, but it’s lands are under treat due to rapid deforestation which causes erosion of Indigenous knowledge about the richness of nature;
– How can we reconnect to nature in the digital era we are living in and set up social enterprises that respect and give back to the world we live in;
– Nature managed by indigenous people and local communities is under increasing pressure. Nature is generally declining less rapidly in indigenous peoples’ land than in other lands. Let’s relearn from the communities who are still holding this knowledge.

About the speaker:
Sanne pursued her Masters of Art at the ‘Erasmus University’ in the Netherlands and specialised in Education at the Leiden University where she received her qualification for upper secondary education in Arts. She studied at the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts to become a Musical Performer and has performed in a variety of shows and presented a program on Dutch National television about guerilla gardening. Next to her career as a teacher and performer, she also took a university degree in Music and received a Bachelor of Music Education at the ‘Royal Conservatoire The Hague’. She further developed her skills by completing the Design for Sustainability (GEDS) programme with Gaia Education which deepened her understanding of the four dimensions of sustainable community design and ‘Inner Landscaping’ which explores story as a potent force for change, increasing our conscious awareness of our individual, social and cultural story.

After working as a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, and as a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Creative Industries Centre of Expertise, Sanne Van Oort’s focus on Education for Sustainability led her to become Teacher Development and Well-Being Manager at Green School Bali and further focus on the way we can design education to create a shift in culture towards pro-environmental behavior. She is the Founder of ‘Mother Jungle’, which empowers Indigenous mothers to preserve knowledge and storytelling traditions for cultural and environmental conservation and create professional development programs in vibrant nature areas focusing on sustainability, cultural immersion, entrepreneurial skills and local community impact. Read more about Mother Jungle programs and documentaries at http://www.motherjungle.org/.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is free and open for public If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org. Thank you.


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