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Leadership Skills within a High-Performing Team

Using Love Languages and Executive Functioning understanding to lead and work effectively with colleagues to create and maintain high-performing teams.

Utilizing Gottman’s extensive research into Love Languages, this workshop will support you to understand your own personal love language style, your colleagues’ and understand how to use this in a practical sense in the workspace. You’ll discover what Executive Function is and how this impacts yours and your colleague’s capacity (especially under stressful and busy times) while working. You will learn how to implement practical techniques which can be used throughout your career.

• Simple strategies to employ to become a high-performing team
• Understanding about yourself
• Love Languages research
• Executive Function
• What your strengths and areas to improve on are
• Use this information to work/lead successfully as part of a team
• How to implement these strategies into your personal life

• Participants please bring your own pen and paper

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Rachel specializes in corporate leadership, development and executive learning. She is experienced in leading and directing change management within business structures, whilst establishing and sustaining a positive workplace culture. Rachel is a highly accomplished leader within government school settings and has expertise within inclusive practices, the disability sector (NDIS), navigating the mental health system and implementing, building and leading high trust teams. Rachel has a Masters of Special Education and a Bachelor of Early Childhood.

She has presented at state and national conferences, won a multitude of scholarships and is the 2022 winner of the Australian Council of Educational Leader’s ‘Excellence in Educational Leadership Award’.


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