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How to hack your body with breathwork

Last month’s Breathwork session is back at Dojo, this time to help work with stress and anxiety!

We all breathe – 25,000 times a day and the whole body is linked to the way we do it. The deeper your breath, the more energy enters your body and empowers you. While shallow breathing blocks energy so your performance decreases, breathwork is a key to hack your body performance and your state of mind.

Start the day well at Dojo with this informative workshop that combines knowledge and practice and learn how to use breathwork to improve your physical and mental health, your performance and emotional wellbeing!

What people will learn:
You will become aware of your breathing and how to use it to improve your physical and mental health, your performance and emotional wellbeing.
In this particular session:
– the best breathing techniques for stress
– how to recognise good stress from bad stress
– the concept of emotional granularity
And also that breathwork:
– affects almost every internal organ, giving it a signal to turn on or off
– affects heart rate, digestion, mood
– balances energy state and emotions
– helps dealing with stress and anxiety
– helps strengthening the immune system (+recovery after coronavirus)
– works with sexual energy
– improves sleep quality
– helps with allergies and breathing difficultiesAbout the speaker:
Stacy Ozara is a certified breathwork and meditation coach who applied a holistic approach to her practices by combining the latest scientific information about our breathing and body-oriented therapy with spirituality (how our mind and energy are involved in wellbeing and performance)
Ex HR specialist and ex product director in tech start-up
Has a degree in International relations and a degree in psychology

## Events Registration Instructions ##
This event is Free and Open to the public. Register fast! Limited to 20 seats.

Register at Dojo front desk or send an email to rsvp@dojobali.org.

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