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How to Calm Our Monkey Mind

How Highly Successful People Use Mindfulness to Reach Deeper Happiness and Achieve More.

Ever wonder why majority of the top successful people practice Mindfulness and Meditation? Shubho will share his own mistakes of practicing meditation for the last 20 years. Here you’ll learn on how Meditation alone is not enough to manage your anger, frustration and become a high achiever. Let’s become an achiever but in a meaningful way.

Skill Level: Beginners

What People Will Learn:
– How to make small shifts every day to create a big impact on ourselves.
– Extremely common and crucial mistake while we do meditation. Sharing my 20 years practice of meditation, mistakes and learning from it.
– Reduce significantly, your stress, frustration and learn to calm your mind.
– How to perceive anger from a different perspective and get less angry.
– How to be Happier every day, even when things are tough.
– Make yourself more likeable.
– Discover your hidden inner strength and quadruple it with the help of very short Meditation.
– Opportunity to network with like-minded people who want to achiever more but in a meaningful way (after event)

About the speaker:
Shubho is 40 and a Founder of a Boutique Travel Company, a paragliding enthusiast, diver, loves cooking and loves connecting with aspiring and positive humans.  Born and brought up in India, lived in Ireland, London, Singapore, Poland and Switzerland.  Once a total failure as a child and teenager- when he had very little hope in life, meditation helped him turned around his life. From a failure student, he bounced back to life as a thriving graduate (European University), successful corporate executive and currently a visionary entrepreneur.

Hungry for personal development, Shubho is not only a researcher of mindfulness & Meditation – learning ancient Hindu, Vedic and Buddhist techniques but also a seeker of how to lead a life full of compassion, deeper level happiness and passionate about making others happy. Currently a student of Tony Robbin’s signature Program “Life Mastery”, three times “Unleash the Power Within- London”, One time “Date with Destiny- Florida” and being coached by Tony Robbins Coaching Program.

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