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How To Become Indistracable

Deep Work Ritual For Remote Worker

In this Dojo Masterclass you’ll learn: research backed tactics for remote workers to win the inner game. It’s designed for anyone looking to learn how to improve their deep work rituals, overcome distraction and effortlessly fall into flow. Jonny will share a formula for—IF [THIS] THEN [BREATHE]—simple two-minute breathing techniques (adapted from 2000 year old Yogic masters) to breath yourself into a better day.

1. “Brain Fog Breath”: Clearing out the morning cobwebs to get inspired for the day or prepare your mind for a deeper meditation. The answer to overcoming distraction has been under our nose all along!

2. “Espresso Shot Breath”: activate your nervous system to combat the post-lunch slump, allowing you to tap back into a productive flow state (wthout the jittery side effects of caffeine!).

3. “Dim Hof Breath”: unwind at the end of the day to tame the monkey mind and fall asleep faster and an intro to the ancient practice of ‘Nidra’ power naps.

(We tend to underestimate the power of our breath is because it’s free and it’s more socially acceptable to buy another double espresso shot than it is to spend 2 minutes doing breathwork exercises by the Dojo pool)

As well as covering some of the latest research on the science of distraction and how the way we breathe unconsciously impacts our nervous system and emotions (e.g. why taking a deep breath is generally BAD advice and how I used breathing techniques to prepare for a TEDx talk to 500 people), I will also share a framework specifically designed for remote workers to craft your own deep work rituals (e.g. Hedonic Calendering). Finally, there will also be time for an extended Q&A at the end to tackle your curiosities and any blockers when it comes to overcoming distractions and training your attention to build deep work habits.

About the speaker:
Jonny has a background in startups cofounding @maptia (a Techstars backed startup), leading 250+ founders to launch their companies through Escape the City, a certified meditation instructor, host of the Curious Humans podcast and now spends his time designing workshops and online courses for the HowtoHuman academy.

@jonnym1ller / jonnymiller.co / jonnymiller@mac.com

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This event is free for Dojo & Hubud Members. Limited to 30 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org. It’s mandatory.

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