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Fashion Illustration & Free Drawing

Upgrade your creative thinking and drawing skills with Korean designer, Anna Kim!

This workshop is specially created for everyone at all levels. You will learn fashion illustration and create your own unique collection, or feel free to draw what you want: your own projects, items, life, abstracts, etc. Express your ideas by drawing. This workshop will also help you release stress and find networking opportunities.

You may come any day to continue your drawing. Please, bring a pencil and eraser.
(If you have more materials and colors, you may also bring)

After the first class you will learn:
· How to draw a model (beginner), work on your collection, improve drawing skills (intermediate and advanced)
· How to draw from nothing (free drawing)
· How to express what you feel (free drawing)

Attending workshops on a regular basis:
· How to master in fashion illustration and to complete your own fashion collection.
· Creative expression of your ideas.
· Improve art skills and get to know friends who enjoy drawing.

Anna Kim is a fashion designer from South Korea. She owns a clothing and accessories brand, “Asian Illumination” in Korea. She has participated in Seoul Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai MODE expo etc. Anna opened a studio in Seoul to teach fashion design in English, Korean, and Russian language.The classes also include sewing, pattern making, draping on a mannequin, fashion illustration and accessories making. Recently Anna moved to Bali and she would like to share her skills and knowledge with those who are interested.


##Event Registration Instructions:##
This event is open to Dojo members and the Public. FREE. Register fast! 15 spots only!
Register at Dojo front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org

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