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Let’s Create Your Brandstory!

Next to the quality of your product or service, your branding is equally important to attract the right clients. “What do you do?” is one of the first asked questions, whenever you meet someone new. What if you can immediately answer this with a strong elevator pitch about your freelance services? In this workshop with Shannon Braam, she will lead you dive into this, so your prospects will be able to connect with the person behind the brand. She will use simple and fun exercises and get tools to create your own pitch while networking.

Skill Level: Intermediate

What You’ll Learn:
– Discover your brandstory
– Effectively communicate your value to potential clients
– Create your pitch
– Present your brand or yourself as a freelancer in a way you instantly connect with and persuade potential clients.

About the speaker:
Shannon is a trainer in commercial communication and helps entrepreneurs with creating their brandstory. Gratitude for existence is her driving force to challenge others to make an impact on the world. She believes that everyone has a unique skill with which they can be of great value to others, so she helps individuals and organizations to discover, communicate and act on these unique skills. The vision that every individual and company can achieve this, resulted in the labels SocialIT and CREATE. by Shannon. Her background as a lawyer, sales specialist, performer, and storyteller, gave her a unique set of skills which she now shares with those who are ready to level up.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is free for Dojo and Hubud members. Limited to 30 places. Register at Dojo Front desk or send an e-mail to rsvp@dojobali.org.

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