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Dojo Day Out: Balinese Culture Excursion

Explore Authentic Village Life!
Through a partnership between Dojo and Five Pillar Foundation, we invite you to embark on one of our exciting adventures to explore authentic village life in Bali.
This day out will provide conscious travelers with an invaluable opportunity to venture away from the beaten paths of Bali, explore village life and be inspired by the beauty and creativity of Balinese culture. This excursion will also support and incentivize local communities to keep and maintain their ancestral lands and sustainable way of living.
We will learn about Balinese culture by interacting with local villagers, observing their daily routines, and participate in making traditional foods and arts. Activities include village walks, making Balinese cakes and satay, roasting coffee, plowing a rice field with the aid of a cow, planting rice, eating a sumptuous Balinese-style lunch, and learning traditional Balinese music and dance. We will do all this while being guided by our knowledgable guides from Five Pillar Foundation.
We will be picked up at 9 am at Dojo on the day and drive up to Penarungan Village. We begin our experience with a village walk where we will learn about the subak system and how the Balinese build their estates. We will also visit a temple to receive blessings. Later on, we will construct daily flower offerings known as canang, try our hands at making Balinese cakes, engage in natural materials painting, roast coffee in the local fashion, plow a field with the aid of a cow, and plant rice. After a sumptuous Balinese-style lunch made by the villagers, we will work with the villagers to learn traditional Balinese music and dance. Villagers will be available for questions at any time during the program.
What People Will Learn:
  • The Balinese way of life and the philosophy behind it
  • Subak irrigation system and Tri Hita Karana
  • How to make Balinese offerings and what it means
  • Coconut oil and Balinese coffee
  • The traditional method of farming
  • Balinese food
  • Balinese dance and musical instruments
  • Responsible travel
  • Community-based tourism
Excursion includes:
  • Private transport to and from Penarungan Village.
  • Food (All meals served in a buffet format and include vegetarian options).
  • Snacks and water gallon (Bring your own water bottle).
  • Facilitated intercultural dialogue with Balinese communities.
  • Reflective dialogues and storytelling.
  • Documentation (Photo and Video)
Things to Bring:
  • Phone and/or camera (fully charged)
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Your own water bottle (Note: Host community members have been requested not to provide packaged bottled water to guests but to offer refilling stations instead.)
  • Umbrella or rain poncho (It is the rainy season.)
  • Curiosity and a taste for adventure
About the organisation:
Five Pillar Foundation was founded in 2014 to help position rural village communities to protect and preserve their culture and environment and to share their story with the international community. It aims to develop the full potential of villages and communities using an integrated approach that helps communities to recognize and create economic, social, environmental, human, and cultural forms of capital and also develop sustainable eco- and community-inspired adventures that create economic opportunity for local communities while also raising international awareness around local Balinese values. Its vision is to establish a strong, educated, and self-sufficient communities in Bali that protects and preserves their environment & culture.
Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel, please enquire at the Dojo front desk for a full refund.
#### Event Registration Instructions ####
This event is members only. Limited to 25 people. The price is IDR 750,000,- per person. Price incl. transport to and from Penarungan Village, guided tours and meals. All of the profit will go towards the village community and Five Pillar Foundation. If you would like to join this event, please register and pay upfront by cash at the Dojo Front Desk.
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