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Community Owned Resource Management

Building and Developing a Real Example of Community Owned Material Management Facilities

A Year have passed since Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) kicked off in Desa Pererenan. After 40 years of unsuccessful private owned waste management the group behind MPH is asking themselves what can be done differently. MPH has partnered with the village of Pererenan and built a functioning material management facility. The core message is that everybody has to play their part and everyone needs to separate their waste at source to build a functioning system. To make progress, the assets have been made community owned and the processes behind the collection and weighing system are meant to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, the next step for us is continue building a funding platform and to continue building a mobile application that will serve as a bridge for communication.

Skill level: All Level

What People Would Learn:
– Lessons learnt working with a local community
– Why it is important to continue building and developing community driven solutions for the environment
– Key environmental facts about Bali and Indonesia
– How we can build resilient systems that are participatory and overcome corruption
– The daily reporting app development project and overcome corruption
– The daily reporting app development project

About The Speaker:
Sean Nino has a passion for environmental management schemes that are participatory and devise ways to create the best collaborations in between society, business and science. He has taken part in large scale projects such as the UN Global TraPS – Science and Practice – and worked in local small scale waste and water mgmt projects in China, Philippines and Indonesia before co founding a company in Bali 2 years ago.
Mantra Bali is an environmental property management company that has been developing a new approach to measure, manage and benchmark large properties environmental impacts/cost´s in a holistic and collaborative manner. The businesses core focus is on developing solutions that create financial savings and help translate and make sustainable management a reality for large tourism resorts and properties.
MPH community owned waste management is Nino’s passion project and a creative outlet to build infrastructure with local communities around Indonesia. The project has been a big success mainly due to Dojos Social Impact  Community and the support of many talented people that have joined the cause.


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