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Beyond Handstands: Learning through Movement

Learning Principles to Successful Skill Acquisition

You need efficient training that delivers benefits AND teaches your body to move better for all your activities.Take a quick moment and think about your body’s history and about what you currently want to improve physically. Whatever comes to mind, it’s obviously going to be different from most everyone else. Learn to assess your starting point, address what is holding you back, and apply your skill.

What People Will Learn:
– Identify the goals you actually care about.
– Assess your current abilities in light of those goals.
– Address whatever is holding you back using the most efficient approach.
– Apply your new abilities to daily life, higher level training goals, or whatever you want.

About the speaker:
Ian MacLeod (IG – @ianmac5595, @nirvanastrength) is from the USA and has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. He is motivated to inspire people to do the things that inspire them; helping others to achieve maximum potential. His training/education comes from some of the top professionals in Gymnastic Strength Training, Olympic WeightLifting, Strength and Conditioning, and Body Composition Training. He is driven by the potential of growing the human body and helping people become the best version of themselves. His approach to performance training is focused on working on the body from the inside-out to fully prepare the mind and body for a long healthy life.

Head Coach and Co-Founder of Nirvana Strength Bali. Ian is focused on Performance training to help you do the things you want to do better. Nirvana uses Pre habilitation exercises to fully prepare the joints and ligaments to handle the stresses of your life’s activities. This is done primarily through a combination of Gymnastic Strength Training (calisthenics) and Olympic WeightLifting. We provide clients with real coaching with corrective feedback to make the most of their training sessions. Fully equipped with a cafe and recovery area, Nirvana Strength is built to get the results you want.

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