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Exclusive to DOJO, join this fantastic new workshop to bridge the gap between who and where you currently are with who you want to be!

ALIGN is a self-assessment and self-development workshop which combines a series of tools and exercises in order to achieve personal and business growth. The objective of this workshop is to establish a personalized diagnosis of yourself, set of skills, interests, current environment, habits and output, and link it to what you want to achieve, so we can connect the dots and build together a concrete path and workable strategy to reach your goals!

*What you will learn*:
-To Make a personalized diagnosis of yourself and your current life path
-To Connect the dots and build a concrete strategy and workable solutions to reach your goals
-To Develop successful personal growth tools
-To Recognize & Create opportunities
-To Identify good habits that can move you forward and bad habits that hold you down

*About the speaker*
Hasina Mahary is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creative businesses and connecting dots between people. Originally from Madagascar, she grew up in Paris, where she studied Law, Arts and Corporate Communication, starting her career as a PR assistant for Gucci Perfumes and Make Up Forever, then as a Marketing assistant for a Flagship Parisian Department store, organising events. She then moved to the UK, to study for a Master’s Degree in Business Management, with a major in New Ventures Creations. That degree really sparked her passion for entrepreneurship and with an eye on Asia, she moved and started her first creative business in Singapore, founding & running a Womenswear label. But with city life no longer inspiring her, and yearning for a simpler, more meaningful lifestyle, she moved again, this time to Bali, where she really allowed herself to express her full creativity. Since then she has built places, ran a cafe and an art gallery, organised events for Women entrepreneurs, and she focuses now on real estate, interior design and business consulting for spaces. She has learnt that in order to grow you have to adapt quickly to changes and create opportunities for yourself and she loves to help others grow in their own personal path too.

#Event registration Instructions:#
This event is FREE and open to Dojo Members and the public. Sign up fast! Limited to 10 places only!

Register at Dojo Front desk or RSVP at rsvp@dojobali.org.


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