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A Storytelling Showcase by Open Space & Keynoteworthy

We truly believe that being vulnerable, honest, and open makes us connect and unite as a community. Personal storytelling is an effective tool to help us achieve that. Come to this inaugural storytelling showcase event to hear stories that have not been shared anywhere else and be inspired!

Are you excited to hear authentic and personal stories? This storytelling showcase is highlighting some of the rising storytellers. They will be getting vulnerable and telling personal stories that they have not shared anywhere else.

We all were excited for 2020, a new decade for creating new opportunities but then COVID-19 hit. So during this challenging time, we need to inspire each other every single day. How? By candidly sharing our unique stories. By being honest and open, we can connect and unite as one community.

But there are two problems: 

  • First, we focus too much on working and running our businesses. That sadly makes us not OPEN up to show who we really are. Being authentic, honest, and vulnerable are what we need!
  • Second, there is no SPACE for storytellers to practice telling their stories. You may dream of doing a TEDx Talk in the future but there is no stage to practice.

This is why we’re organizing this storytelling showcase event. Get excited to hear authentic and personal stories. Theme: Vulnerability.

You will be listening to raw and real stories. And maybe you will be inspired enough to share your own story one today and/or connect with the storytellers’ stories & decide to do something differently in your life. This storytelling showcase is highlighting some of the rising storytellers. They will be getting vulnerable and telling stories that they have not shared anywhere else. Each storyteller will tell a 8 min story.

About the storytellers:
1. Hapsarina Dianti is a mom of one daughter who grew up with story culture and a dream to record some children’s stories for her kid. Presenting news and radio shows religiously to prove that she’s voice worthy, hosting off-air events to keep self-sanity with direct-broader audiences and shoveling daily life stories through chitchat to family and friends for the sake of entertainment.
2. Will Small is a refreshing and thoughtful Australian voice; poetically fusing together influences in philosophy, literature, and hip-hop, to communicate in a unique and powerful way. His writing is informed by faith, doubt, fatherhood and a relentless desire to ask better questions, tell better stories and inspire a fresh collective narrative where no voice is forgotten or left out.
3. Sharon Kilon Han is a Korean-American life coach who is passionate about seeing millennials rise up and walk out in the fullness of who they are created to be. She is the founder and host of the “Millennial Life School“ podcast, where she produces new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, reaching listeners from 25 different countries. From inspiring interviews with millennial superstars to addressing real, raw life topics of her generation, Sharon is a voice championing millennials to stay encouraged and empowered as we figure life out together.
4. Matthew Lancaster is a proud Palawa man, a Tasmanian Aboriginal with cultural ties to Bunurong People, who has served his Community & Country as a Queensland Police Officer and a Combat Systems Operator in the Royal Australian Navy. Through his struggle of identity….lost….alone….and struggling to connect; how this nearly killed him. Now the Relationship Manager for Indigenous Accountants Australia, Matthew has always strived to serve his community and share his vulnerable story.
5. Kristen Anderson is a US-born fashion designer that has spent most of her career working with startups and early-stage in the swimwear and intimate apparel space. In 2019 she started her own design studio where she creates and coaches apparel startups to help them build their brands to be purposeful, value-driven, and authentic. She loves crafting the perfect brand story and telling stories of her own, whether it’s with friends, on her blog or through social media.
6. Alfred Tawirirana Chidembo is a PhD holder from the Institute of Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM) who specialised in Electrochemistry and Energy Storage. Upon discovering his passion for improving literacy for the ‘forgotten’ children in rural communities like the one he came from as a barefooted six-year-old, he took the leap, left the field of science to become a social entrepreneur. Alfred shares his amazing story that transcends different barriers and obstacles from a young village boy in one of the most remote environments to publishing articles in world-renowned scientific journals.
What is Keynoteworthy?
Keynoteworthy celebrates and brings together emerging and experienced keynote speakers on an inclusive platform. Our mission to see diverse representations on stage. That way, you’ll have engaging conversations, personalities, and perspectives at your next event or conference.
Event Registration Instructions

This event is ONLINE, free and open to the public. If you want to join this event, please send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org and we’ll send you the Zoom invitation

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