Internet & Network

Ok, let’s start by being completely honest: Indonesia is a developing country, so things like power, water, internet and utilities that are always on and reliable in most western countries are not the case here.

Besides these services being up and down like a yo-yo, they are expensive, but, hey, what can you do?  Well, we have done quite a bit to ensure that your experience at Dojo is uninterrupted and the Internet is consistent and reliable. That’s why we have built in as much redundancy as possible into the infrastructure, including 6 dedicated business grade internet connections to ensure a high quality reliable service for our community.


Internet connectivity in Bali has been getting a lot better over the last couple of years. ISPs regularly experience fibre cuts between the islands in the archipelago or reduced speed, because of unexplained routing issues from upstream. To counter this, we have some pretty smart tech heads and 6 load balanced Internet connections for redundancy, so we can now proudly say that we have 100% uptime and some pretty decent download and upload speed.

Total Current Bandwidth

We use six different Internet Service Providers (ISP), all with different major Indonesian backbones to insure fastest possible routing and reliability. Advanced load balancing and layer 7 packet inspection is setup on the routers, that will autodetect if a connection has latency issues or has failed, and automatically reroute traffic through stable connections, to ensure your skype calls will be uninterrupted and all your internet needs are met. Please understand, that there are always things outside of our control in a developing country, so we cannot give any guarantees.

Speed Test: Since the connections are load-balanced, doing a speed test will never give you full bandwidth speed as it will depend on which connection the router sends you on i.e. Round Robin. Using download tools that use multiple connection, such as Dropbox or FTP will increase your upload and download speed dramatically, as it will utilise the full network. If you need help or an advice with this, talk to one of our hosts.

Connectivity in Bali & Indonesia Routing

Bali has 7 main fibre links but only 3 of these are for public or commercial use, with the others used for government or military purposes. The 3 upstream connections route through to the island of Java then out to Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia. Please be aware that all traffic in Indonesia is monitored and goes through the “Great Indonesian Firewall”, so sites for gambling, pornography etc are blocked and illegal in Indonesia. This isn’t really an issue but does add some latency and some sites will get blocked, just, please, be aware of this.

QOS (Quality of Service)

Dojo Bali uses QOS on our network to ensure fair usage and speeds for all our members. Our QOS is designed to give highest priority to people using communications protocols such as Skype, VOIP, Google Hangouts etc. Torrents on the network are blocked this ensures that the network is fair for all users. If you have specific download or uploads needs just ask.

LAN & Wifi

Our local network uses insulated CAT6 cabling giving us 1GBIT internal Ethernet speeds with 2 x Mikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S Cloud Core routers, UniFi Switch US-24 QSG Unifi & Pro POE touch switches, UniFi AP AC 802.11ac PRO Access Points which are up to 5x faster to support high-density Wi-Fi networks supporting both 2.4ghz and 5ghz speeds and located in all major spaces and meeting rooms and conveniently next to the pool.

All our routers are in located in dedicated air-conditioned server room to keep them running at optimum temperature, keeping them away from the Bali heat and humidity.

Hardwired LAN connections are only available in Skype booths, for Mac users make sure you have Ethernet to USB adaptors, we do have some on stock however members sometimes take off with them never to be seen again.


Power always comes first. If there is no power, the routers & internet won’t work.  Don’t worry, we have that covered also. Dojo Bali has 23,000 watt power supplied by the Indonesian Government, however, this is quite unreliable with rolling power outages as a regular fixture on the calendar for extended periods up to 7 hours. To counter this, we have installed:

  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Suppliers) 
    We have UPS on all our network, hardware, devices and WIFI access points this insures no interruption to our internet connection and local network. This means when the power goes down we can continue to run for at least 7 hours without using generators.
  • Generator
    We have a Honda 9KVA generator which is on standby for critical times to run appliances, charge the UPS, use lights, fans and charge your laptops in the event of power outages.
  • Power Stabilizers
    Bali power is known for frying new Mac books and mobile phones while plugged into the power, be careful in your guest houses or villa, always check your using stabilized power, all power throughout the Dojo is clean and stabilized to ensure your devices are getting correct voltage, and your new MacBook of Phones don’t get fried.
  • Lighting
    To save energy the Dojo uses all LED and energy efficient globes.
  • Power Outlets
    Indonesia uses the power plug type of 2-pin, 220 volts / 50Hz, similar to Australia and European countries. So, depending where you are from, you may need a converter to a 2-pin head. We have some areas in Dojo setup with international power points to make things easier for you. We did buy a load of convertors for use of members but these have all disappeared, therefore, you can buy one at  a local store.
‘I invested heavily in the best networking gear and spent months fine-tuning the network to be capable of handling Bali ISP constant downtime, the fact that we have to have 6 connections shows you how ridiculous it is. For 2 years we have been running at 99.9% uptime even with power failures and fibre cuts’. Michael Craig

Founder, Dojo Bali

Most Frequently Asked Internet Questions

I need 100% guaranteed uptime I have webinars and important business how fast is your connection?
First we do NOT guarantee uptime its impossible in the location we are at, currently our network is around 99.98% total uptime for last 2 years. In a perfect world we would only need 2 uplinks, but we have 5 this shows you the type of redundancy that is required in Bali. Check the speed on the page above.
What is your upload and download speed?
300mbps. Now you will only reach this type of speed if you are using multi-treaded applications (download managers) that take full use of the multiple ISP we have. Single treated applications will just use one pipe.
Can you do a speediest and email it to me?
Sorry no, as we have stated on this page, a speed test is irrelevant for our network
Can I do webinars and video conferencing for 3 hours is your network fast enough?
Yes, you can often walk through the Dojo and see around 13+ people on video and webinars at the sametime.
Can I connect directly to router with LAN cable?
You able to do this via booking a Skype booth, this is the only way we allow access directly to the router. The WIFI access points operate at 5ghz and are very low latency you really won’t have a need for this.
I had trouble with the Internet connection I want a refund!
Sorry our plans are access to the space not the internet. In 99% of cases its the individuals computer that has an issue please report to our IT department ASAP so they can help you get up and running.

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